Alfonso & Arien Aguilar

The Legacy of Passion for Horses

How can I learn through problems and how do I use them to improve the partnership with my horse?

Alfonso is certainly a pioneer in applying the basics of ethology (the study of animal behavior) in horsemanship in the daily handling with horses.

Arien has shown a passion for animals since he was a child. Alfonso and his son have worked horses together since Arien was born. Later Alfonso encouraged his son to expand his knowledge with the most diverse trainers in the world. By learning these other training methods, Arien developed his own style.

For the first time father and son will do a europe-tour together to talk about their similarities and differences when working with horses. They will, in particular, show their differences in the approach and solution to problems with their equestrian partners. There will be one event in each of the following countries: Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland.

A day with Horses, fun and new ideas!