In his Basic Roping Clinics Arien teaches you how to control the rope (coiling and opening the loop). After the basics are covered Arien begins to dissect the different shots of the traditional vaquero roping style and the mexican trick roping. Roping is an art that requires a lot of practice. Therefore Arien tries to give you the idea and feeling of how the rope should move in every exercise. By explaining hand movements and shooting positions he gives you the tools you need to continue practicing without him after the clinic is over.

In his Advanced Roping Clinics Arien does a review of the roping basics and goes on with old vaquero artistical shots like the „El Viento“, „El Gavilan“ and the „Houlihan“ and begins to explain the roping from the horse.

Basic Roping Clinic

  • coiling and uncoiling 
  • rope control 
  • swinging 
  • simple head shots 
  • simple healing shots

Advanced Roping Clinic

  • old vaquero artistical shots
  • roping from the horse