The Beginner Riding Clinic is either for beginner horses or beginner riders. This clinic gives you better communication skills from the saddle and makes it safer for you and your horse. 

In the Advanced Riding Clinic the concentration is more on the rider than on the horse. For example: how to achieve a better seat, how to feel the horse and feel what the horse is doing instead of having to look at him. At this point Arien brings in mechanics of both the rider and the horse. He uses logical patterns that the rider can use later, on his own to improve his horse mentally and physically, no matter what discipline.

Basic Riding Clinic

  • safety tools 
  • control exercises 
  • feeling and connection with your horse
  • obstacle course 

Advanced Riding Clinic

  • feeling 
  • mechanics of horse and rider 
  • seat 
  • aids 

Specialized Riding Clinics

  • Trick Riding
  • Academic Riding