Ground school

The Basic Ground School Clinic will give you more control over the horse to make him a safe partner. Once safety is established Arien will begin to teach you how to develop a relationship with your horse and how to communicate better with him. Arien does this by teaching you several exercises that will help you to improve your ability to tell your horse what you want. This knowledge can be used by any person with any horse in any discipline.

Once the basics of ground-, obstacle- and liberty work are established, you and your horse have the tools to choose the path you two believe best. From this point on Arien will direct the teachings more towards your personal goals and try to give you tools and ideas to advance in the path you choose for you and your horse. Always keeping in mind the primary goal which is: „Have Fun!“

Basic Ground School Clinic

  • control exercises 
  •  liberty work 
  • obstacle course
  • ground work

Advanced Ground School Clinic

  • review of Basic Ground School Clinic
  • control exercices continued
  • liberty work continued
  • choosing your and your horses goals

Specialized Ground School Clinics

  • Advanced Liberty Work
  • Circus Lessons
  • Academic Ground Work