In his Clinics Arien focuses  on creating relationships with horses based on no confrontation, and reading their body language. A balanced approach to equitation on the ground and in the saddle is important for him.

Ground school

To begin Arien explains the basics of the character and behavior of the horse. Using this tool he teaches you exercises that will help you reach a more refined communication between you and your horse.

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His goal is to achieve security, control and communication. With this basics he helps the participant grow and advance toward their personal goal.

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In the old vaquero roping stile, Arien gives you tips and exercises that will allow you to continue to advance and perfectionate your roping skills in your respective level, after the clinic. 

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Hosting a clinic

Interested in organising a course with Arien Aguilar?

We will gladly send you more information and answer all your questions!

A fusion of any of the clinics above is possible.

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